Hosting a Single Public Screening (10 Attendees) - Streaming

$ 50.00

Choose a temporary date if unkown.

List additional screening dates if you have any.

This license allows you to screen the film once, on the date of your screening, to 10 attendeesAdditional attendees can be purchased separately for your screening. Should you have more attendees than anticipated on the day of your screening, you will be asked to report the overage and an invoice will be issued for $5 per additional attendee.


You will receive a link to the film a few days prior to your screening for testing.

Includes 50% OFF digital copies of the film for every attendee so they can watch it at home and share it with their family after the screening! (a feedback form with a working email must be returned for each attendee to receive a 50% OFF coupon code).

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