Hosting Public Screenings of "Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic"

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These licenses allow you to host screenings of "Someone You Love: The HPV Epidemic" to the public. You are allowed to charge admission. Your screening details will be listed on our website at


Includes 50% OFF digital copies of the film for every attendee so they can watch it at home and share it with their family after the screening! (a feedback form with a working email must be returned for each attendee to receive a 50% coupon code).


This license grants you the right to screen the film one time only in front of an audience per license purchased. The term of this license shall commence upon the receipt of the media or link and terminate after the screening date. You are allowed to charge admission if you'd like.

You agree to return the media back to us by mail within 2 days of your screening date (Return date). You will be charged penalty fees equal to 50% of the purchased license fees for every business day that the Media is not post marked or placed with a courier service past the Return Date.